Our kids absolutely need stringent protection online

Today’s kids had their lives turned upside down during the pandemic. Lockdowns turned them into involuntary pioneers of en masse online schooling. There is no doubt big tech performed a crucial role in keeping kids’ education going. But there was a sinister side to it. It pervaded every aspect of their lives.

We’re chasing down the rorts while building a better NDIS

In September 2020, at the height of Covid, when the world’s eyes were glued to the internet, a Twitter user called Mel posted a simple image of the first message she ever received from her partner next to a photo of them embracing.

Failure is part of innovation

Minister Shorten opinion piece for the West Australian

NDIS shonks put on notice

Anyone who has tried to organise a wedding will know the following story. Venues jack up the prices when they know it is somebody's big day. Everything from the room hire and caterer to the florist and the photographer charge a premium. It's known as a “wedding tax”.

There’s no excuse for abuse

We recognise there is a lot of grief and sadness in the community right now in the wake of recent high-profile, violent incidents.

We remember the history-changing heroines this Anzac Day

Anzac Day is Australia's most solemn moment each year. This week we will again remember those who served with courage and purpose, and honour those who paid the ultimate price for defending our nation.

Opinion piece for the West Australian

Don’t take peace for granted

Opinion piece for the West Australian

Grocery shopping was once an exciting venture, but it has been ruined by greed

Even the most sensible of people can fall victim to fake news

They say a picture is worth one thousand words, but what if the picture isn’t real or never existed?

Opinion piece for the West Australian

A few weeks ago, some new research was released that showed the National Disability insurance Scheme (NDIS) is as fundamental to Australians as Medicare.

Opinion piece for the West Australian

Living in Australia, we can feel removed from much of what is going on in the rest of the world.

The party’s over for crooked NDIS operators

Imagine making $1 million a month. I can’t, but it sounds like a great deal.

Medicare: 40 years of looking after us

In 1974, then-social security minister in the Whitlam government, the late Bill Hayden, gave a speech at the Fitzroy Town Hall. Mr Hayden made the bold - and true - statement, that if a society is to have economic justice, equal opportunity and continued prosperity, then it must have social security.

Compassion for our neighbours is in our DNA as Australians

This week I will attend ceremonies to welcome new Australian citizens to join their stories to the Australian story.

Spirit of giving binds us all

At 11am on a weekday morning this past week, hundreds of people queued up at the top end of Bourke Street in Melbourne’s busy CBD for an early Christmas lunch.

Why we must listen to our history’s truths

The actions we take today can influence the way we will be remembered.

Minister Shorten statement on Senator Patrick Dodson

Patrick Dodson is an incredible Australian and a distinguished Yawuru man.

Slamming the door on crooks taking advantage of the NDIS

Some things in life are worth fighting for and I believe the National Disability Insurance Scheme is worth doing everything we can to ensure it is there for future generations of Australians.

What our furry friends can teach us about loyalty, love and loss

Australians are big fans of internal migration. We love to get away. In Victoria it’s usually up north to places like Noosa, the Sunshine Coast, the Central Coast or anywhere where the water is warmer. In Perth it’s to Bali; or in Canberra to anywhere there isn’t a politician.

Safety is crucial for staff and customer when they visit a Services Australia office

On February 19, 1986, a young Melbourne woman called Joeanne Cassar had her first day on the job at Medibank, which soon after was renamed Medicare and then became Services Australia. On May 23 this year, Joeanne was brutally attacked at the job she has loved going to for 37 years.