Loopholes costing you cash

One of the privileges of being a union rep was the great life lessons I learnt from the hardworking men and women I met.

We’re here for the workers

Minister Shorten discusses unemployment, cost of living, workers, and economic recovery policies.

A strong Australian Public Service benefits us all

Another week, another report of dubious behaviour at the big consulting firms working in Australia. There’s been a plethora of headlines about how the big four consulting firms — EY, Deloitte, KPMG and PwC — have infiltrated the Australian public service for mega contracts.

Every Hero Must Have a Foil

Dynamic duos can be the perfect match or grudge match and in Australia, we love to celebrate them.

Long slog for recognition but Matildas now front page news

There are few countries more passionate about soccer (or the “beautiful game” as it’s known) than the Republic of Ireland.

So, why should we care about history? What is history for?

I love history. I love reading it. Watching it. Listening to podcasts about it. And having a conversation with anyone who shares my passion — or convincing those who don’t, that they should.

Federal Budget signals the return of humanity and compassion to the NDIS

Tuesday night’s Budget brought relief on many fronts and had all the hallmarks of Labor values. I am particularly pleased that it has delivered for participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Vale to three of the greats

It is sometimes argued that Australia's greatest generation were those born in the two decades before World War II. Three of that “greatest generation” passed away this week.

Why you shouldn't give up on the NDIS

Yesterday I stood at the National Press Club and addressed, through the magic of television, the Australian people about how the Albanese Government will reform the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Statement on the passing of Father Bob Maguire

The passing of Father Bob Maguire is incredibly sad news. I first met Father Bob way back in 1983 when I was 15 and at school doing a social work program. I spent a week with him seeing how he helped kids on the street.

It’s time we became better at employing people with disability

Employment of people with a Disability

Search for hope amid gloom

Climate change, the war in Ukraine, a global pandemic, cost-of-living crisis, tensions with China, the list of global crises goes on, all of it overwhelming.

Previous government stuck its head in the sand on vaping, but the Albanese Government will not

In the film Thank You for Smoking, big tobacco spokesperson Nick Naylor admits that his job requires “a certain moral flexibility” to earn a living from “fronting an organization that kills 1200 people a day”.

Robodebt a 'stain on Australia's soul'

Like so many of you, I’ve watched the royal commission into robodebt with competing emotions of frustration, anger, sorrow and admiration (for the brave victims, whistle-blowers, families and honest public servants) and utter disbelief that this could happen in Australia.

Magic of an afternoon grand final is impossible to beat

Is it too soon to think back to being locked in our homes, safe from the scourge of COVID, with only a footy match for entertainment or dragging your dog on the fourth walk of the day?

Ukraine, one year on, be assured your fight is our fight

Last Friday marked a sad day. Twelve months of the worst land war seen in Europe since 1945.

Illegal Robodebt scheme has caused real pain and anxiety to almost 400,000 Australians

The first sitting week of the 2023 Parliament is now under the belt and it’s good to be back. I’m raring to go.

myGov is critical national infrastructure and we want it to be a premier digital asset

Nothing brings home the vastness of our continent more than remote communities being cut off by flooding. We have watched this reality with the recent devastating rains in northern WA.

Why we should declare all NDIS fraudsters un-Australian

Sam Kekovich is a bit like the Santa of Australian culture. He only appears once a year, as our lamb ambassador. Some of his ads could be nominated for best short film at the Oscars. Of course, these ads are a clever marketing ploy, but each Australia Day they do tend to capture an element of Australian life that we can all relate to.

NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission report shows need to do better on shared housing

Most of us list having a place to call home as essential to our quality of life. A home is about more than bricks and mortar. It is a sanctuary. A place where we feel comfortable and safe.