Shift mindset on disability

I have fond memories of one of my first-ever jobs, in a butcher shop. It was my family’s local, so I got to know the shop owner well.

Farewell ‘immortal’ ONJ

Yesterday was a sad day for us all, hearing of the passing of Olivia Newton-John. Australia's golden girl, and a crusader for cancer research.

Neighbours’ brightest stars

Love is in the air! I have finally gotten around to watching the Neighbours finale and the feel-good vibes from the final episodes were infectious.

Get behind our Commonwealth Games stars

There’s something to be said about watching Australians represent our fine country. It’s exciting, exhilarating, and brings all sorts of people together to celebrate national pride and our wonderful athletes.

NDIS fraudsters shameless

I think there are very few things more despicable in life than crooks taking money due to go to disabled people. Not to mention ripping off you, the taxpayer.

Flood assistance helping those whose worlds have been turned upside down in NSW

Right now, flood-struck communities in NSW are battling natural disaster. Again. I know West Australians care deeply for our flood-fatigued communities in the Eastern States and are watching the recovery effort closely.

Extremists do nothing but push people from their cause

In early 2021, I copped some flak (probably justified) from environmental group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Australia for calling something a vegan burger on TV, meaning there was nothing in it. It was a joke, maybe not my best.

Let’s do our part for Ukraine

We are now four months into Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

How the Albanese Government is fixing the cost of living crisis

Minister Shorten outlines how the Federal Government is introducing measures to ease cost-of-living pressures.

Daniher's discovery of hope

On Monday, Labor announced it would give $4m in funding over the next two years to the FightMND charity in its quest to better understand the causes of this devastating disease and pursue potential treatments and a cure.