Interview with Vanessa Mills on Breakfast, ABC Kimberley

Cashless Debit Card, Kununurra visit

Interview with Narelda Jacobs and John Paul Janke on The Point, NITV

Cashless Debit Card, Ceduna Visit

Joint doorstop interview, Park Royal Melbourne Airport

Disability Reform Ministers’ Meeting, hospital discharge delays, COVID and debt recovery

Minister Rishworth interview on ABC North and West SA

Minister Rishworth and Narelle Graham discuss the Cashless Debit Card and are joined by CEO of Ceduna Council, Geoff Moffat.

Interview with Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth.

Cashless Debit Card, Ceduna visit.

Minister Rishworth interview with Michael Rowland

Minister Rishworth interview on ABC News Breakfast with Michael Rowland discussing cost of living, JobSeeker Payment, Cashless Debit Card, Domestic Violence.

Minister Rishworth interview with Andy Park

Minister Rishworth interview on Radio National Drive with Andy Park discussing cost of living, election commitments, Cashless Debit Card.