Minister Rishworth interviewed on 3AW Breakfast


Topic: New gambling taglines 

ROSS STEVENSON, HOST: I have recently given a couple of speeches in which I have said Gamble Responsibly. In betting ads, how do the words gamble and responsible – how did they get to be next-door neighbours? They are a bit moronic. It's a bit silly. Then we come in this morning to read that online wagering companies have got to ditch Gamble Responsibly by March next year in favour of new taglines such as ‘Chances are you're about to lose’ and ‘Think. Is this a bet you really want to place?’ You and I both think it is a good idea. Amanda Rishworth is Social Services Minister – that's Federal Minister. Good morning to you.

AMANDA RISHWORTH, MINISTER FOR SOCIAL SERVICES: Good morning, great to be with you.

ROSS STEVENSON: So I assume this is your idea or the idea of your Department. Tell us the genesis of it and are there sanctions if they don't use the right words?

AMANDA RISHWORTH: The National Consumer Protection Framework is something that was set up to address online wagering and particularly problem online wagering. We have now one of the highest levels of losses in online wagering here in Australia. So states and territories have all signed up and the taglines, as you mentioned, ‘Gamble Responsibly’, have been found to be ineffective. A lot of research was done, behavioural research, to look at what type of taglines would be effective. Seven taglines have been identified as particularly effective, that deter those with problem gambling and these will be rolled out over a few months.

RUSSEL HOWCROFT, HOST: Minister, I know Ross asked this question, but are there any sanctions if any of the gambling companies don't use the new taglines?

AMANDA RISHWORTH: Well, they will have to be implemented. Everyone's signed up to them and they will have to be implemented. The arrangements between the states and territories are that they must be implemented. We have widely consulted with online wagering companies, with media across the board. This can be done and it will be done. Across platforms, whether that be TV, radio, digital advertising, social media – everyone's signed up to them and they will be implemented.

ROSS STEVENSON: Good idea Minister. Thank you very much. In advertising, you won't be urged to ‘Gamble Responsibly’ anymore. And you'll be given a stark a new message.

RUSSEL HOWCROFT, HOST: Yes, to think about it.