Minister Shorten interview on the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic.


KARL STEFANOVIC:, TODAY SHOW HOST: All right, we'll keep those pictures running in the bottom corner, but there's plenty of stuff happening. There will be political ramifications for this, of course. Let's bring in our politicians right now. Opposition leader Peter Dutton and Minister for NDIS, Bill Shorten. Guys, good morning. As we run that Donald Trump stuff. Billy, you're a big fan of Donald Trump. What did you think?

BILL SHORTEN, MINISTER FOR THE NDIS, AND GOVERNMENT SERVICES: I think it's sensible for a Minister and a government to not make a call, comment on a court case in another jurisdiction about it.

STEFANOVIC: Come on, Billy. This one you can talk about.

SHORTEN: No, mate.

STEFANOVIC: All right. What do you reckon, Pete? He just uses it to galvanise?

PETER DUTTON, LIBERAL PARTY: Yeah, Karl, I think you're spot on. You look back to 2016. He won no electoral votes in New York. He's despised there. There's obviously two tribes here and the one tribe who detest him and hate him, and you saw some of the emotion in some of the interviews just then. And the other tribe love him and adore him and for different reasons on both sides. And all it will do is reinforce the views on both of those camps. But obviously it will make for an even more exciting election, I suppose, in November.

STEFANOVIC: Does it affect Bill, does it affect us dealing with a future president who may be a felony?

SHORTEN: No, I think it's - The American political system will throw up who they've got to throw up with. I think governments of both sides in Australia will deal with whoever the American political system elect. That's. I think the alliance is stronger than that.

STEFANOVIC: The personalities back home. Labor is grappling with an immigration crisis and calls for Home Affairs Minister Andrew Giles to step down are intensifying. Bill, is Andrew Giles still the Minister by week's end?

SHORTEN: Yes, he is. What's happened here is that the Minister has cancelled the visas of people he doesn't think should be here in this country. The Administrative Appeals tribunal, the court has overturned that and now he's gone and cancelled them. And reviewing other decisions of the court.

STEFANOVIC: Bill, you're pretty casual about it. I mean, some of this stuff sickens me to my stomach. What some of these people have done. These aren't traffic fines, these are heinous crimes. Regardless of how long they've been here, they don't deserve to be some of these people.

SHORTEN: Yeah, I'm not casual about it Karl, but what I'm not going to do is sort of carry on in a sort of outrage factory. I don't want these people here. The Minister doesn't want them. The Prime Minister doesn't want them here. The court has disagreed, and now the Minister has gone back and cancelled them again. So, I'm not going to run an outrage factory, because I don't see how that helps keep us safe. And we've also said that the direction which the courts have been, in some cases using, we're going to overhaul. So, that's appropriate.

STEFANOVIC: Pete, your former department released as Donald Trump now continues to walk out. Pete, we'll have to leave it there. I'm sorry. Let's go to Donald Trump now coming out of court, having been found guilty on all 34 charges. This is the former president right now.