Minister Rishworth interview on Sunrise with Natalie Barr


Topics: Tax cuts for every Australian in every electorate

NATALIE BARR, HOST: We're joined now by Social Services Minister Amanda Rishworth and Shadow Finance Minister Jane Hume. Good morning to both of you. Amanda, can the PM really say there won't be any more changes when Labor needs the support in the Senate to pass the tax cuts?

AMANDA RISHWORTH, MINISTER FOR SOCIAL SERVICES: What we've put forward is a clear plan that is providing more tax cuts for more people, particularly focused on those doing it toughest in a cost of living crisis. And it really will be up to the Senators about whether they support bigger tax cuts for more people. Of course, Labor will be talking to the Crossbench, but the Coalition could also support these tax cuts, recognising that many people are doing it tough, particularly in middle Australia, particularly on incomes of $100,000, $120,000, and actually support these tax cuts. There is a question for the Coalition. Of course we will work with the Crossbench, but we've put forward what is the best plan for the country right now. It will not add to inflation, but will give cost of living relief to those Australians that are doing it tough at the moment. And the question is on the Coalition and the Crossbench on whether they will support this better plan.

NATALIE BARR: Yeah. Jane, have they painted you into a corner? 85 per cent of people in Coalition electorates are apparently going to benefit from this. Are you going to support it?

JANE HUME: Well, forgive me, Nat, if we decide not to make a decision on this legislation until we've actually seen the details, because the Prime Minister has lied to the Australian public not once, but over a hundred times, and that's just since the election. He cannot be trusted. We want to make sure that we understand exactly what the details are of this legislation, exactly how it won't be inflationary, Amanda, before we make a decision. Let's face it, the Prime Minister has looked Australians in the eye and he has lied directly. How can we trust him? How can we trust you, Amanda? Because you, like your Cabinet colleagues, like your caucus, have followed a lying Prime Minister off an integrity cliff like lemmings.

NATALIE BARR: Jane, hasn’t Treasury said it's going to be inflation neutral and most of Australia, according to the poll, seems to have made up their mind and they like it.

JANE HUME: Well, that's exactly what we want to do. We want to ask Treasury how that can be the case. That's why my cost of living committee…

NATALIE BARR: [Interrupts] So you don’t trust Treasury?

JANE HUME: That's why my cost of living committee has called a hearing into these tax cuts next week and we can hear from them directly so they can show us the numbers that determine that outcome. Because if you speak to any economist, that simply doesn't seem right. I would imagine that there are millions of Australians right now that are profoundly disappointed. Not just that they didn't get their $275 electricity bill cut, not just that they're not better off because they were promised a tax cut. And they…

NATALIE BARR: [Interrupts] On this subject, are you saying that Treasury has got the numbers wrong on this? Because they're saying it's fine, it's not inflationary.

JANE HUME: We haven't seen the details Nat, we haven't…

NATALIE BARR: [Interrupts] Do you need the detail though because if Treasury comes out do you need more than that?

AMANDA RISHWORTH: [Interrupts] It is out there Jane.

JANE HUME: The Federal Government has proved itself consistent liars…

AMANDA RISHWORTH: [Interrupts] I just want to make the point…

NATALIE BARR: [Interrupts] Jane, so you don't trust Treasury?

JANE HUME: I don't trust you, Amanda. I don't trust your Prime Minister. I don't trust your Treasurer because you have lied.

NATALIE BARR: But the question was, you don’t trust Treasury, Jane.

AMANDA RISHWORTH: I think I need to respond to this.

NATALIE BARR: Yes, Amanda.

AMANDA RISHWORTH: There is Treasury analysis out there. We released that Treasury analysis and I encourage you to read it…

JANE HUME: [Interrupts] Where's the legislation? Because we haven’t seen it. Have you seen the legislation?

NATALIE BARR: Jane, let’s let Amanda speak.

AMANDA RISHWORTH: Firstly, the Treasury analysis is out there. It's very detailed. We're not hiding anything. But Jane, the fundamental question remains. The detail of this change is out there and those who will benefit are out there. You seem to be trying…

JANE HUME: [Interrupts] Show us the legislation.

AMANDA RISHWORTH: …You seem to be trying to walk back on what Sussan Ley said. Who said she would roll this back and increase tax for middle Australia. You’re all over the shop. You’re divided. I invite you…

JANE HUME: [Interrupts] We will always support lower and simpler taxes. You are the ones who have gone back on your word. You are the untrustworthy ones…

AMANDA RISHWORTH: Well then you should support this legislation, Jane. You should vote for this legislation Jane.

JANE HUME: Negative gearing, tax on the family home…

AMANDA RISHWORTH: You should vote for this legislation.

JANE HUME: Why would anyone believe you?

AMANDA RISHWORTH: Oh, this is over the top Jane.

NATALIE BARR: I think we’ve heard both sides. I think we'll put a pin in this. To be continued. Thank you.