Meeting of the Interim Services Australia Independent Advisory Board

The Interim Independent Advisory Board held its inaugural meeting in Sydney on Monday 18 December 2023.

The Board is a key recommendation of the myGov user audit. With their diverse experience and knowledge, its members will provide guidance and advice on the design, delivery and implementation of government services to ensure they meet the needs of people, staff and the Australian economy.

The Board will consider the end-to-end experience with the right combination of digital and non-digital channels, to deliver quality government services.

myGov update

The Board acknowledged that there are challenges in relation to myGov. The Board is looking to ensure myGov can be trusted by users to enable reliable access to services and tangible benefits in areas such as health and wellbeing.

The Board was pleased to hear from Services Australia on the progress made to date to improve myGov for Australians. Members acknowledged, through government’s continued investment, myGov has become the largest Australian Government authenticated online system.

The Board acknowledged myGov is an integral part of the government digital services ecosystem, and the need to consider improvements to myGov in this broader context.

Vision for government services

The Board noted the release of the Government’s response to the myGov User Audit, and the clear path and vision this provides to fundamentally reshape government service delivery—with myGov being the ‘go to’ place for government services. The Board welcomed the government’s commitment to addressing the barriers many people face when accessing and navigating services.

Members were provided with an update on the work to date on the early implementation of myGov User Audit recommendations including passkeys to keep myGov sign in details secure and expanding myGov’s capabilities by delivering digital statutory declarations.

Further, members welcomed the recent investment of $11.3 million over two years from 2023–24 to respond to the findings in the Critical National Infrastructure myGov User Audit and expand myGov functionality, with further ongoing funding to operate and maintain myGov to be considered as part of the upcoming Budget process next year.

The Board noted the government’s approach will be to build momentum in the delivery of new services and capabilities, with these new services and capabilities to become part of the Data and Digital Government Strategy implementation plan.

The Board will play a significant role in providing advice and insights to inform decisions and assist government in navigating the challenges impeding myGov from delivering on peoples’ expectations.

Advice to government

Minister for Government Services the Hon. Bill Shorten MP thanked the Chair and members for their advice and tasked them with holding government to account for a people-centred, digital future for service delivery during their Board tenure.

Members agreed myGov is foundational to equity, fairness and capacity in the delivery of all government services and intends to address related key matters in future meetings—including leveraging emerging technologies, safeguarding vulnerable Australians, and supporting the workforce who deliver the services behind the platform.

The Board will hold the first in a series of meetings in early 2024 refining initiatives that will deliver practical value to the community over the next year to improve the wellbeing and health outcomes.