Homes with heart – affordable housing delivered in the ACT

Assistant Minister for Social Services, Housing and Disability Services, Sarah Henderson, joined Stephen Byron, Managing Director of Capital Airport Group and Christine Murray, Vice Chair of the Havelock Housing Association, to announce that the Havelock Housing Association in the Australian Capital Territory will receive $200,000 under the Homes for Homes initiative.

Stephen Byron: About five years ago, we at The Snow Foundation saw a proposal about Homes for Homes which was very simple.

It said that every time a person sells a house, and they have agreed to this commitment, then 0.1% of the proceeds of the house would go to this initiative for charity to create assistance for housing the homeless.

We then came along and looked at buying this fantastic suburb to develop and deliver for our city. So we pledged, when we bid for this to the ACT Government, that every block of land we sold, we would make the pledge and donate 0.1%.

Sarah Henderson: We also have had a very, very big focus on ensuring that we direct funds to effective programs and recognise innovation in this sector.

I think it’s fair to say that The Big Issue has come up with a very clever initiative to assist the increasing of stock of social and affordable housing.

Last week The Big Issue announced that its Homes for Homes initiative was allocating $300,000 to projects in Victoria.

And today I am very pleased to announce that Homes for Homes is awarding $200,000 to Havelock Housing Association in the ACT, so congratulations.

It’s going towards the development of Havelock’s new Homes for Hearts program, and that’s to provide long-term accommodation to matched pairs of older women.

Christine Murray: We are thrilled to receive this first grant in the ACT. Havelock Housing Association has been looking after people for more than 30 years.

Our CEO Neil Skipper is here today and our staff and our committee are very passionate about the topic.

With this Homes for Homes funding we will support women over 55 on low to moderate incomes in, as you said, our program, Homes for Heart.

We hope to purchase a two-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse to allow two women on low to moderate incomes over 55 to live in a supportive environment together.