Minister Ruston Interview – ABC Radio National Breakfast

Escaping Violence Payment trial program

Minister Ruston doorstop interview, Adelaide

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Council, COVID-19 Disaster Payment, workplace culture in Parliament

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COVID-19 vaccinations, Women’s Safety Summit

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Minister Ruston interview – ABC Radio National Breakfast

Women’s safety, domestic and family violence, sexual violence, unemployment

Minister Ruston interview - Sky News

Family and domestic violence, vaccine rollout

JobSeeker, women's safety, the National Plan for Reducing Violence against Women and their Children – ABC Breakfast

JobSeeker, women's safety, the National Plan for Reducing Violence against Women and their Children

Stop it at the Start campaign launch

Stop it at The Start campaign, violence against women, suspension of defence cooperation program with Myanmar

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Cashless Debit Card – ABC Adelaide

Cashless Debit Card

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Cashless Debit Card

Minister Ruston interview – Sky News Across Australia

Cashless Debit Card, National Redress Scheme

New sanctions for failure to join the National Redress Scheme

National Redress Scheme

Extension of temporary income support measures – Doorstop Adelaide

Subjects: JobSeeker & JobKeeper changes

Doorstop interview, Support Payments

Age Pension, JobSeeker

Minister Ruston Interview - Sky News

Domestic and family violence, JobSeeker, Social Impact Investing

Minister Ruston interview – Sunrise

Domestic violence, Help is Here campaign

Minister Ruston interview – ABC RN on 1 June 2020

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on rates of domestic abuse will be the focus of a new parliamentary inquiry into family and sexual violence. 23 women have so far been killed this year at the hands of a violent partner, and there are fears that that number could spike during the COVID-19 advice to stay at home.